Tuesday, October 13

water bog

remember this?...

well, its amazing what can happen when you take a small kid out for an afternoon!!

it can turn a house bound, stay-at-home dad into a digging maniac and you return to it looking like this! Not a bit of black plastic in sight, edged in a rather rather naff style and complete with drooping, replanted rhubarb (which he assures me love a boggy patch) and some native water grasses.

The idea is that all the 'grey water' run off from the studio (anticipated to be not very much; some handwashing from doing gardening, art, vege cleaning, small amounts of dishes washed with phosphate free, grey water friendly 'detergent' will be collected heree as the pipe feeds directly into the 'bog'. If I can ensure the runoff water is 'clean' enough Im hoping a family or two of frogs will move in (and that we can eat the rhubarb).

If you've got some expereince with artificial bogs like this, Id love some hints. Next project are some gates on the deck! Those old Greenpeace 'Save the Whale' signs that we religiously slot in and out of the decking are driving me crazy!


belinda said...

No previous bog experience but I have to say I love the look of yours.

Having to thread "save the whale" signs would drive me nuts as well.. so best wishes on promoting the gate project.

Kind Regards

Laura Jane said...

Nice work Simon!

Could you repaint the signs? Imagine some lovely filgree freeform pattern over a neutral background. Or paint a ferny / garden-y look on them - front and back. Or a trompe l-oeil of the deck continuing.

They are functional just UUUUGLEEEE.

No bog experience, can't help you there, but I like the edging, its not naff at all.

Kelly said...

belinda- round the twist in fact! especially as they are shredding a little at the bottom and are very hard to insert! It should look really great when the plants have grown a little.

laurajane- whaddaya mean theyre UGLEE!!!? could reuse them if trimmed but the bloke has recycled some other wood he had lying around, theyre very thin. Painted, hammerred, just need to be hung! whoohoo! I do like the trompe l-oeil idea, i shall suggest he add that to the list!