Friday, October 30

In my inbox this morning

Dear All -

Today’s financial climate means we are all exposed to additional pressures that make conducting research, teaching and administrative duties even more difficult. This environment results in some staff feeling anxious about their work and all too often they feel they don’t have enough time to get the job done.

Email is the most commonly used software application in the world, and arguably the work based activity that consumes the most time. Many staff feel anxious about the size of their Inbox and that email is controlling them and their time.

The Take Control of Your Email course has been delivered to 300 staff from all corners of the University (Academic and Professional) and has achieved outstanding results. The average attendee (Academic or Professional) surveyed 5 weeks after attending the course, is saving over 40 minutes per day by applying the behaviours and skills taught in the course. Staff suffering extreme email anxiety has dropped 50% and staff are feeling less anxious about their daily tasks.

The University recommends all staff attend this course, new staff, staff who are time poor, staff who feel anxious about email or staff who would just like to spend less time using email and more time doing something else.

As managers why not give your staff the gift of additional time by sending them on the course before Christmas? The best results have been achieved by teams of staff attending the course together as they can determine agreed group behaviours that minimise email traffic.

Book now as places are limited

Now i do know that some staff are incredibly inundated with emails, particular higher up the food chain, but I did still find this quite amusing and honestly initially thought it was a joke mail. Its on my Christmas wish list!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kel, you would be surprised how many times I talk to people about email. When I lead a corporate life, I routinely had 150 or more real (not spam) emails per day. I felt like my life revolved around email.

An amazing amount of people dont know how to use filters or folders or other nice email application features. Also, they dont really understand how to prioritise important from the not so important. And nobody knows where the Delete key is !!:)

I wish there was a public course I could point some of my clients to! Good on them for running it (as strange as it may seem).

Kelly said...

i do know it can be a real problem for some. I think i just get amazed that people let these things take over and freak them out. As you say, prioritising and sometimes just deleting and especially at the higher levels, delegating by forwarding to your PA for basic stuff. It made my morning tho' *grin*