Tuesday, October 27

ohh boy, is that do-able?

just to continue with yesterdays purging theme (I'm on a roll), here's my life for the next two weeks:

- Bookclub;

- Greens state council;

- Montessori school drama production;

- Opening night of Pippin at the youth theatre;

- Foodconnect workshop;

- Chapter 6 of my thesis edits completed;

- A whole new chapter written - qualitative focus group stuff that my 'old' supervisor dissed (he being the super dooper stats guy) which necessarily includes all those transcripts analysed so I can keep on track with my deadlines for a Christmas submit of the thesis;

- Greens fundraising dinner;

- Open house and garden day for 'Sustainable Living' fundraiser (fuck the garden needs to look fab);

- India Flint eco-dye workshop;

All that squeezed around work and kids...should be manageable? Right? Breathe


belinda said...

um...right. Did you mention sleep in there somewhere?

Kind Regards

Veggie Gnome said...

Totally managable! :))))

Cause it's all fun stuff. Apart from The Thing - which seems to be progressing nicely. Well done!

greenfumb said...

You're amazing, I don't know how you do it.

I came home from work tonight to be faced with hysterical Teen 1 who had lost her Akon tickets only hours before the concert. I had to completely ransack the house looking for them -no sign of course - so then I had to jump in the car and screech off to the Olympic Park to get the tickets reissued.

No wonder the Leaning Tower of Laundry is about to topple and we had cheese on toast for dinner!

Have to laugh the Word Verification is typsy - must be able to see me tucking into my shiraz haha

Gavin said...

Hi Kel, sounds a just a little bit hectic, but very similar to my next two weeks of begging and stealing educational material and organising our Sustainable living stall for the annual local festival. Should be a blast!


wombat064 said...

Kel , just drag out the Wonder Woman costume one last time, your amazing !!!

Wombat xx

Laura Jane said...


You're right....BREATHE!

Mia @ agoodhuman said...

Yikes indeed. I need to have a little lie down after reading that!

Tricia said...

Totally do-able (if you forget ablut sleep and sanity that is).

Isn’t simple living fun :-)

I bet you find all this community work extremely rewarding. I was relieved to read your list this morning. I was in a ‘mad at myself’ mood for taking on too much yet again. I’m feeling much better knowing im not the only one who does that.

Kelly said...

belinda - nup! didnt factor that in!

veggie- you optimist you! but yeah, youre prolly right. It all jsut takes time to get there and do it and get back...

greenfumb- i havent pulled it off yet!! I like my image in my head of your leaning tower and ick- a rush off to olympic park at night.ewwww, you're amazing!

Gav- good luck with that!Have fun.

wombat- the thought of me in a lycra wonder woman cozzie is probably not something readers would enjoy! I think Im pushing it...

laurajane - puff puff puff. I think i can, I think I can

mia- LOL!

Tricia- i have a feeling somethings gonna give...yup, its the bomb! *BOOM*

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