Sunday, November 28

Friday, November 19

Friday, November 12

Haiku Friday

the sweetness of sun.
a winters weight unbridled,
ready for the crowd.

Thursday, November 11

all I want for Christmas is...

one of these!
A life saver for the wood oven owner. No more problem pizza in that fiery inferno! No more undercooked disappointments and underwhelmed guests and no more wasting wood.
Point, shoot and get an infrared temperature reading from deep in the recess of the pit. Brilliant. Thank you Michael Pollan for this awesome suggestion.

Wednesday, November 10

kissing tonsils

The kid's got 'kissing tonsils'. I'd never heard of 'kissing tonsils' until today. Poor mite. If you've never seen 'kissing tonsils', they take your breath away. Never, ever seen anything like'em. I had chronic tonsilitis as a kid, off and on every other week for four years but I never had my tonsils out. Progressive doctor who believed in the inherent value of them. I took penicillin tablets every day for years and have very vivid childhood memories of  a constant very sore throat. Haven't had tonsillitis since. But, they NEVER looked like his.
He looked up and shouted at me in just the right light a month or so back and I nearly died. Bloody hell. What is that in there???
His tonsils. apparently.
This is exactly what they look like. Golf balls. Killer strawberries. No space. Not an epiglottis or uvula in sight. No wonder he's not eating and snores like an alpha male. Here's a pic of him feeling rather poorly  and eating quince jam on toast.
Poor kid. But what to do? Three rounds of antibiotics to treat the ear infection thats gone with it and Zip! Naught. Nothin'. Still huge. Anyone had any experience with these monsters? I'm loathe to take a surgical option if I can help it.

Tuesday, November 9

Politzer Prize

This competition is such a nice idea. An little bit of an equalizer. A chance to see another side of our politicians; to see a little into their hearts and minds. Some of these pics are astonishing. Vote now for your favourite pollie pic.
Don't forget to browse the 2010 winners while you're there. You may, as I did, get a little surprise to put the print to the name.

Friday, November 5

Haiku Friday

Which way out, this way?
Should I go up or go down?
Need to think some more.