Sunday, July 31

organic lemon icecream sandwiches

Wicked things these are. I haven't actually eaten one as they are so packed with calories, but the kids most certainly have- at the soonest opportunity. Much to their chagrin however, they are on rations! As soon as I saw these online I knew I was going to have to make them. Not only do they use up 10 lemons of zest but also their 1/2 cup or so of juice. At this time in the citrus season, I'm always struggling to use the lemons from our very prolific Meyer lemon tree.

These 'sandwiches' fill a very big sweet memory hole for me. As a kid from a poor family I rarely ate processed food - a caramel koala was as good as it got but on the odd chance that I wouldn't have spent my 20c pocket money on saving for a book, I might buy myself a choc-chip ice-cream burger in its own plastic burger box (yikes) . Big, sweet and chewy - I loved those things!

So, this custardy adult version made with local organic butter, eggs and cream really took my fancy.

The ice-cream in this recipe is very sublime- I did road test that, its the best I have ever had; like a cold and creamy lemon curd. Soooo good. They were a tad time consuming, but fun, playful and really made the kids think I was the best Mum ever. I'm up for that every now and then in this rather puritan foodie household.
All wrapped up and looking ever so sweet in the freezer, these babies have been numbered!
Recipe made 16 2 1/2 inch sandwiches and substituted regular wheat flour for gluten free flours (rice and corn)