Wednesday, June 30

to market, to market...

so I leave next week for Barcelona. Looking forward to it, very muchly. The friends, the food, the culture, the work, the time to rekindle my self. But after Barcelona, I go to London for two days, purely just because I'm passing through. Why waste a chance to wander a foreign city by yourslf when you can? and all those miles and nothing gained? Solo travel I quite like, exploring at your own pace, but I do like to share. I am lookinging forward to those historical sites thats Ive never managed in previous visits to London, and I'm a total sucker for a pure set sparkly and all that time to myself, a whole 42 hours! But I am feeling a little aggrieved at the lost opportunity for market shopping and cooking for friends. I have no one in London to cook for! Any takers out there?

Sunday, June 6

escama studio

A friend gave this to me yesterday; a gift for my birthday. She knows me well! Its 100% fabbo! Pull tabs from soft drink (soda) cans have been crocheted together to make a shoulder bag with some great attention to style! It reminds me of fish scales, a modern eco-twist on the Glo-mesh. I love it.

Thursday, June 3

green business

So you all know me pretty well by now...I try and 'do the right thing'. I eat local, seasonal, I public transport it, I take my stuff with me, I recycle, I consume few stuff and when i do i know its provenance, we solar power, passive solar, time showers, make stuff, eat basics, yaddah yaddah yaddah, so when it came to my work trip this time i had to DO something different, ( i know the jet fuel carbon costs) I chose a 'green' hotel. Small rooms, local menus, green powered, recycling facilities in the room, no takeaway toiletries in shameful bottles, minimal. Happy to make just a small difference and support a business with a conscience.