Sunday, June 6

escama studio

A friend gave this to me yesterday; a gift for my birthday. She knows me well! Its 100% fabbo! Pull tabs from soft drink (soda) cans have been crocheted together to make a shoulder bag with some great attention to style! It reminds me of fish scales, a modern eco-twist on the Glo-mesh. I love it.


JoyACookin' said...

Kelly: I saw your comment about salt on Food Politics. I love this bag! I'm going to forward this link to a blogfriend who has crocheted a bag for the market out of plastic bags. She is here:


TheCrone said...

That's gorgeous Kelly (and happy birthday!)


Karin said...

I love it! How awesome! Gives me lots of ideas. Happy Birthday to you! Another year flies by!

Joan Anne said...

This is the best gift and unique gift that I saw.

Very nice!

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