Thursday, June 3

green business

So you all know me pretty well by now...I try and 'do the right thing'. I eat local, seasonal, I public transport it, I take my stuff with me, I recycle, I consume few stuff and when i do i know its provenance, we solar power, passive solar, time showers, make stuff, eat basics, yaddah yaddah yaddah, so when it came to my work trip this time i had to DO something different, ( i know the jet fuel carbon costs) I chose a 'green' hotel. Small rooms, local menus, green powered, recycling facilities in the room, no takeaway toiletries in shameful bottles, minimal. Happy to make just a small difference and support a business with a conscience.


Kale for Sale said...

How I used to love those little shameful bottles. Nicely put. Enjoy your trip.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

and it's a non-smoking hotel, will keep that in mind for when I finally get to go to Melbourne.
Have a safe trip.

Gavin said...

Nice one Kel! Sounds like a great place to stay. I will have to check it out during one of my lunch time walks.

One of these days, when you are in Melbourne, we must catch up for a chin wag.


Sarah said...

You mean to say these places ACTUALLY exist? Like for real not just talk?

Excellent - how to do I find out which places do any where in Australia so I can follow suit.


Kelly said...

kale- thanks- i know, me too!
pip- give it a try!
gav- i know! next time i will be more prepared! you might miss it, its a hole in the wall!
sarah- yes they do! amazing huh? check out the hotel website for accreditation links and check them out there.