Monday, May 31

bashing, birthday style

My brother and I finally, are in sync! I had a great night. Many demons laid to rest and 40 people came to my 40th bash. Spooky. The Bloke pulled out all stops, hired a local eatery, had fizz and canapes served and all my friends invited (well those that live nearby, anyways) who all agreed to join us on the condition they payed for ther own meal and made the cakes! I really just relaxed and enjoyed everyones company, cried a bit (that was probably aided by the fizz but i do love an opportunity to tell everyone how much i really appreciate their love and friendship). Im liking being 40. You can publish pics of yourself looking like an idiot and not care. And to The Bloke "wow, thanks, I love you!"


Em said...

Happy happy birthday Kel! Sounds like the perfect night for a 40th celebration, bask in all that love xxx

belinda said...

Happy Birthday Kel.. glad to hear that 40 has welcomed you with love.

Kind Regards

naturewitch said...

Happy birthday, Kel. Great to see you had a fun time. xx

Sarah said...

WOOhoo you had a blast!

Kelly said...

thank you all! and some of you have come out of the woodwork- just like me- welcome back too!