Thursday, May 20


Ok, so i turned 40 last week. Thats not the reason I havent been blogging. Thinking back I cant remember how I had the head space to blog as I did. I often log in an want to write, connect with everyone, but i just cant seem to muster a useful sentence nor dig deep and draw on myself. I had a wonderful day. The girls rose early to cook me my favourite breakfast before they hopped on the bus to school; eggs benedict. They did me proud that b1 and b2, they split the tasks and cooked up sourdough with perfectly poached eggs and a HOME MADE HOLLANDAISE. No adult help. Seriously. Couldn't be prouder. Go girls. They also made the most perfect peace tree. If I ignore the squabbling which surrounded the night before the big four. oh. over who was doing what task, who forgot to go get a tree branch, who promised they'd have what part ready and fosicking around in the garden inthe pitch black at freezing temps screeching at each other I might have felt even more serene about the gift. But it was made with such a truckload of love that all I could do was laugh at their drama.
The Bloke in his indemible style gifted me a master fishing rod and full tackle along with a guide to the best fishing spots in South Oz, all wrapped tucked up under a dirty floor runner. Love that guy. He's bright green. He's lucky to have me.

He topped it of with a superb dinner (he actually introduced me to a dish I had never seen nor heard of, a vegetable tian, now thats a gift) and a beautiful baked lemon cheesecake with gingernut crust. 40 so far is feelin' pretty good. Big bash to come.


Sarah said...

Have a good bash : o )

Ramsey said...

Have a great Birthday do Kelly!
Hip, hip hooray!

I hope that in this 40th year your blogging mojo is nurtured back to its former self.
I look forward to all those posts on Taurus Rising when the mojo tank is full.

Kale for Sale said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like the big bash has already started - is ongoing actually. What fun. Enjoy. I love the gift tucked beneath the rug. Very funny. And clever. We usually grab a sarong for gift wrap. It feels like we're kids again. Still.

Kelly said...

thanks for the birthday wishes..hoping for some mojo soon ..being 40 feels far