Friday, May 7

Haiku Friday

yes! a noise from me.
How extraordinary, no?
Just to say he's two.


Jo said...

how extraordinary! how the time flies {both between posts and our babies years}... Happy Birthday to your little man.

Now I must ask, my baby is one soon and we are having a Rainbow Party {of course} where did you get those candles? or do you have one spare?... thanks, Jo

Rixa said...

Wow, 2 already! Happy birthday!

Kelly said...

jo- embarrasingly enough, we get the candles sent to us from California from my SIL who knows I love them, so she sends bunches in Xmas parcels. Happy to foward some on if you like. i can get her to send me more as i am needing some too if you like a whole pack..

rixa- thanks! time sure flies

Kale for Sale said...

A haiku! How wonderful. But not as wonderful as two. Birthday cheer to all of you.

Jo said...

hey Kel, thanks! yes that would be excellent, II would love one for Mia's party.. I can never find an email address for you, so can you email me jo.jellybaby{at} and I'll send you my postal address. Cheers, Jo x