Friday, February 25

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Thursday, February 10

bag giveaway

only one more day to go!
Julie at Towards Sustainability has an ethicurean reusable produce bag and tote giveaway!
Go enter!

Wednesday, February 9

lecture * with pracie

Gave an interesting one yesterday,
Don't think those there child-dentists liked it much.
Few too many home truths; I tried to be gentle.
But someone's gotta tell it like it is.
Dentistry in this country serves the dentists well... shame about the people.
They don't hear that much in dental school.

amendment: pracie of lecture.
Defined equity.
Defined values.
Defined subjectivity.
Defined distribution.
Defined values of developed nations
Defined health as a human right in this context.
Described distribution of poor oral health in Australia.
Described medical vs dental expenditure in Australia
Defined communism (they always confuse equity with communism)
Defined universal health care
Described dental system as NOT universal
Queried the equity.
Queried dental health profession interest in equity
Queried dental health profession commitment to population health
end of story

Saturday, February 5

gift horses and all...

No way! Not this time around. Do I want 40kgs of very ripe organic, local, heirloom tomatoes, delivered NOW? 
Our tomatoes haven't even hit their straps! A few fruits here n there. Weird weather and off season again this year. 
I spent hours last Thursday night making 25 kgs worth of passata and bottling blanched and peeled globes. Somehow in my mania I managed the beans bath time and dinner in between.
The Bloke returned home to a totally steamed kitchen (no Vacola ) with water dripping down the windows and me up to my armpits in tomato skins. The final 10 kgs got solar dried (we knew we had a few days of 40 ahead) .The Bloke fashioned up this tent, mainly to keep the tiny pine needles falling on them than to keep any animals out. A 'never got rid of' old trampoline mat served as the base and these op shop sheer curtains strung over the central rope worked a treat.

Friday, February 4

Haiku Friday

A festival of cheeses;
friends, wine and provenance told.
Heavenly table.

Thanks for the pic Carole