Wednesday, May 14

Angel child

A 3 hour second stage took me to a place I had never before been in previous births. It was HARD. My contractions stopped completely after his head was born and I had nothing more to push with. His shoulders were stuck in my pelvis and the pain in my lower abdomen was so difficult to manage alongside contractions. However, despite a birth that was not ideal, the moments after Jasper 'came too' were as wonderful as my other birth experiences.

I love this picture of my husband and Jasper. After a very difficult second stage and Jaspers traumatic entry (shoulder distocia requiring Lisa to 'pull him out' and being white and non-responsive and needing resus with mouth to mouth and CPR, it was a relief when he took his first breath. This picture shows the emotion of the moments after his 'transition'.
Here's a picture to lighten the mood. My daughter Lily looking not to sure about the placenta responsibility.
Jasper slept pretty much for 23 hours each day for the first week and has been an absoloute pleasure to parent. No lengthy night time sessions yet, he puts himself to sleep after nighttime feeding ( only one 30 min session) and is a happy little soul. My putting in an order for an angel child this time around has obviously been granted! (this week).

Tuesday, May 13

Jasper arrives

Jasper William Gregory Jones arrived Saturday May 3 at 2.45pm after a 6 hour labour at home. He weighed in at a whopping 5.5 kg ( 11 lbs 5 oz) and I emerged with only internal grazing; no tears or stitches thankfully. My midwife, husband, girls and 2 birth attendants were fantastic. Birth story will be added later.

Jaspers birth day was glorious, the sun was shining and the Autumn trees were glowing, giving me a truly magical birthing space.

My husbands hand on my back makes me fall in love everytime I look at this pic. This is my fave.

This is the birthing team. Picture was taken by my 10 yo daughter Lily. From left right are my husband Simon, my oldest daughter Maia, my old friend Bruce, Simons friend Rosie and our midwife Lisa is holding Jasper. I think Im lying on the floor somewhere! LOL
This is Lisa the marvelous midwife with her very uberfabulous tattoo.

Friday, May 2

Oxytocin+prostoglandins = 0




Natural induction not quite working how I'd hoped. Still as one.
I was woken this morning at 5am with contractions which stayed constant and firm for around 2 hours. My mind was busy planning the day ahead with kids school, pick ups etc in the event that THIS WAS IT! By 7am, it was clear that they had dropped off. Man, this is exhausting! I didnt have any pre labour with the girls, just bang! Waters broke with a whoosh when I got out of bed in the morning after a good nights sleep and labour..and viola..have babies. Have given up answering the phone but all my clever friends know how to get me...EMAIL! I keep finding brief messages in my inbox with people wondering if they have somehow been left out of the birth information loop and been overlooked to recieve the big announcement! LOL
Nope...just havent had the baby.

Thursday, May 1

trifecta success?

For the past 2 hours I have been having contractions. Those deep, internal pelvic ones, the ones that make you go "ohh yeah, I remember now!". They are coming every 10minutes and don't go away when I lie down. I'm trying very hard to not get my hopes up yet and my husband is just positively ignoring them. He knows that until I start clutching furniture and not responding in conversation to take it all in his stride!

curry for breakfast

well, the curry n glass of red last night apparently made no impact on the boybean ( its amazing what desperation can do to the rational mind). A full belly and wobbly head meant that all involved were a tad tired for the final component of the trifecta! Well, in addition to the fact that the thought of induction success after 3 evening showers meant birthing pool issues again raised their ugly head! Doh...bad planning. Anyway, kids off to school, left over curry for breakfast (yum, protein) and component no.3 added to the mix! DH did offer to crack another bottle of red! LOL Nice start to the day, made me realise that we should have been doing this EVERY day! It may have helped my temperament along the way! Now...what to do with the rest of the day...?