Tuesday, May 13

Jasper arrives

Jasper William Gregory Jones arrived Saturday May 3 at 2.45pm after a 6 hour labour at home. He weighed in at a whopping 5.5 kg ( 11 lbs 5 oz) and I emerged with only internal grazing; no tears or stitches thankfully. My midwife, husband, girls and 2 birth attendants were fantastic. Birth story will be added later.

Jaspers birth day was glorious, the sun was shining and the Autumn trees were glowing, giving me a truly magical birthing space.

My husbands hand on my back makes me fall in love everytime I look at this pic. This is my fave.

This is the birthing team. Picture was taken by my 10 yo daughter Lily. From left right are my husband Simon, my oldest daughter Maia, my old friend Bruce, Simons friend Rosie and our midwife Lisa is holding Jasper. I think Im lying on the floor somewhere! LOL
This is Lisa the marvelous midwife with her very uberfabulous tattoo.


Rixa said...

Welcome Jasper! Looks like a lovely birth.

MsMoo said...

Thanks Rixa. It was lovely for the most part...very scary for the last 10 minutes. Overall though, it was a wonderful day.