Thursday, October 27

Jupiter Creek Organic Farm

Been a bit busy with a new venture...
Since I began this blog my life has changed considerably. As an interested loca vore and 'green' advocate, I started writing on all things sustainable as they applied to me; birth, mothering, consumering, living etc. Never did I imagine that I would end up a director of  several eco- businesses, one going well, one in liquidation and a new one on the horizon. I have learnt so much over the last few years, a journey which many of you readers would have followed. With the demise of  our previous local food business that i was involved in, due to many reasons which I cannot mention publicly, some of us from that business have scrambled around trying not to squander such emotional and intellectual investment, intellectual property and community goodwill and have managed to fall on our feet and start a true CSA here in the Adelaide Hills. We have found some wonderful land owners willing to share our journey and vision of an organic, demonstration, community focused accessible farm who just also happen to have an amazing amount of spare, irrigated, fertile land and infrastructure; cold storage, warehousing and a fleet of under-utilised refrigerated vehicles ( not to mention WWOOFers) just perfect for us to start an organic farm and true CSA organic box delivery scheme. We have been madly tilling, weeding, ploughing, weeding (did I mention weeding?) fundraising, planning and applying for organic certification over the last five months for most of the farm: the market crops, beef cattle, orchard, chickens , future pigs, ducks and wild foraging area for mushrooms. We put a down payment on the tractor in the picture, tomorrow. We have a herd of beef cattle, sheds for free ranging chooks, biodynamic compost piles, volunteers, 60 acres  two of which are under our new market crops and loads of vision.  The boy bean ( and occasionally a surprisingly enthusiastic very biggest bean) and I have been farming on the days when Im not at my regular job and yes, the PhD is finished. I will keep you posted as to when we launch. Exciting times ahead.

Monday, October 24

Earth Station

It was an awesome festival, except when I lost the kid (the ecstatic one in the pic). That was definitely not fun, just as dusk was upon the blaring..crowds chance. Some guy spotted him after some frantic ask arounds and handed him my way. Had a wine.
Rod Quantock was my non music highlight with his musings on our non sustainable lifestyles, missed HRH Cate B speaking, but the small's not really that interested in sitting for two hours listening to a panel discussion on sustainable living. Music-wise, the sounds coming from the The Congos Konono No.1 was very hip shakin and toe tappin and deeply grooving. We did a lot of that; grooving, some eating and the occasional bit of chillin' in this very awesome new WOMAD event which mixes music with action and education in the most amazing location. And we really realised that the kid likes to move.