Thursday, February 11

Hello, how are you?

It's been a while.
5 years. Where did that time go?
Reflecting back, I can't remember why I stopped blogging. Perhaps life consumed me? It has been busy.

The farm venture began, lived a while and then collapsed. Water issues...its demise was not surprising. We laughed, loved and broke our backs weeding carrots and packing boxes.

The bean has grown. He's nearly 8.
D1 has left home and is finishing a teaching degree. She loves it.
D2 plans to start Uni this year. She's not convinced its a good idea.
The Bloke and I are still together. Still happy.
The Phd is done, it went well. I won awards.
The garden grows.
The old job finished. I started a new one. I moved to Melbourne for a year. That was hard.
Im back.

I started a business after a visit to New York. Its been operating since the Summer of 2012. It sustains us. It's doing well. Like us on facebook  I love it. It's simple and involves most of the things I love; food and people and organic farming. This is now my job.

We did buy a boat. It's waiting for us in France. The bloke,  the bean and I leave for the first leg of our adventure on April 21, 2016. Thats why I dropped in. To begin the next chapter, to start writing again. I have the time.

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