Saturday, May 8

bits n pieces

:: the kale is growing.

:: B1 made a cake and decorated it as a fractal. Speechless.

:: the boy bean turned two. he's dead cute and yakking away and calls me 'darling' like his lovely Dad does. Heart mush moments abound.

:: manufacturing of The Ethicurean bags has finally begun. Hats off to all small business owners, this journey has been a real eye opener for this lifelong academic.

:: after only eight weeks in operation, Food Connect Adelaide has hundreds of subscribers on the books. Awesomely impressive and a real measure of community interest in alternative and sustainable food systems. I love being a central part of this food based social enterprise.

:: biochar manufacturing has begun in earnest at Chez Pan.

:: having to think about high schools for B2 for 2011. I hate this part of parenting and schooling. High scool is such a pain in the ass to navigate, primary school is so easy! I love primary school.

:: facebook has quietly and earnestly taken over my life. I'm seriously considering a techie moratorium for 6 months. Told the kids about the mooted idea and the heart palpatations were physically discernable from across the dining table.

:: have finally admitted to myself that the loss of privacy felt from B1 and B2's Dads invasion of my blog, blog space and the kids space might have affected my enthusiasm for blog posting. Thinking I may be on the road to recovery.

:: looking forward to my 40th birthday party in a few weeks. Loads of friends and family celebrating at a local restaurant is just what Im up for right now.

:: have been wondering when I might feel like engaging in some more personal, reflective writing and when I might get round to some deeper thinking.

:: still in love.

:: paid way to much for some swanky (hehe, freudian slip and wrote wanky! lol) new shiny black gumboots. Flocked heaven in a rubber boot.

:: my abstract for a conference in Barcelona has been accepted. I cant believe my luck that two of my bookclub members will be there at the same time for conferences. Looking forward to the joy of friends in a foreign land (well foreign to me, one of them is a Catalanian native).

:: thinking how I have a certain level of 'love' for special bloggy comrades. Strange? or do you feel that way about certain bloggers too?

:: am awaiting the return of my PhD dissertation.

:: my fanatacism for all things 'gratin' has not yet diminished. I think this interest has now passed fad status and developed into a lifelong staple.

:: B2 has entered 'kids masterchef'. Im looking forward to a behind the scenes view of the ins and outs of a reality tv show and simultaneoulsy wondering how they will make prime time viewing out of 8-12 year ols in the kitchen. Not many years of expertise and a matured palette to draw on!

:: thinking that I should have got back to regular posting a while back when reviewing the mountain of stuff i have just written down!.


Rixa said...

Glad to hear the dissertation is making good progress, and of course all the other updates as well. When will you be in Spain? My husband is in Spain and France this week, then we join him in France (mostly Nice) for almost 2 months. So looking forward to the food....mmmmm....

Sarah said...

Great to hear what you are up to! Do look forward to hearing more (hint hint)!

Laura Jane said...

Lovely to have such a newsy catchup post.

And its (nearly) all such positive news. Food Connect is going gangbusters eh? Well done, I knew you were onto something there. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Its funny eh how the thought of being read by someone we feel would judge us with a prejuduiced eye can quell our desire to blog. I have dropped off markedly since I got some negative comments about a birthstory or two. I miss sharing those stories, but am not prepared to deal with the hassle of it all. I've decided I will dredge up some stories after they have mellowed a litle with time, and blurred a bit in detail.

Decamping to a restaurant is an excellent plan for a major birthday - we just did it for our wedding aniversary and had a fantastic time with dinner for 30 at a local restaurant - with NO WASHING or CLEANING up!!!!

big hugs to you and yours (aw, mushy hearts indeed,mine has melted over here at the thought of Jaspie calling you darling)