Friday, November 12

Haiku Friday

the sweetness of sun.
a winters weight unbridled,
ready for the crowd.


Lifestyle Lift Journey said...

Such a nice Haiku to go with such a nice picture. I've feeling the similar thing lately. The sun is getting warmer and the garden is ready for green lush, lots of love and joy. I love the feeling every spring.

Bee said...

I think your Haiku's are my favourites of your posts Kelly. They make me stop and ponder. And I never get enough opportunities to stop and ponder. Thank you

Kelly said...

thanks Lifestyle and Bee. Yes, Haiku Friday is about as creative as it gets around here at the moment. i really like writing haiku, always have. Wrote my first haiku when i was about 6. on a tiny mock japanese screen about 3cm x 2cm on a split matchstick hanger after I read Rumer goddens wonderful book Little Plum.