Friday, November 5

Haiku Friday

Which way out, this way?
Should I go up or go down?
Need to think some more.


Bee said...

I'm really enjoying your haiku's Kelly. And your inspiration photos too.

Kelly said...

Thanks Bee! Cant tell you how nice that is to read. You should check out my friend Kale for Sale. Haiku is how we met. She does Haiku Friday too. And shes a great writer. And she gorgeous. And she's a sustainability nut too. Her blog rocks.

Em said...

Kel I dreamt I met you last night. It was a really happy dream, you had the most interesting house on an island in the middle of a creek. The bridge across was rope and quite wobbly. I was a bit anxious meeting you because I hadn't told you I was coming; for some reason we were holidaying in the area and as I was driving past I knew that was your house so I had to drop in and say hello. All ended happily, comfortably sitting around drinking something. It was quite weird b/c I don't usually remember dreams, but this one was really clear. Nice :) xx

I do like your haikus too.

Kelly said...

hi Em. how nice! shame i didnt have a complimentary dream and meet you too! Funny coz we have islands and creeks ( or did you know that?) and if you dropped in unannounced we sure would have greeted you happily and popped a bottle!
Nice xx

Em said...

Let me know if you do Kel!! DOn't think I knew about your islands, but perhaps my subconscious stored it away? I'll add it to my list of happy one-day dreams; sharing some homebrewed with you.