Tuesday, November 9

Politzer Prize

This competition is such a nice idea. An little bit of an equalizer. A chance to see another side of our politicians; to see a little into their hearts and minds. Some of these pics are astonishing. Vote now for your favourite pollie pic.
Don't forget to browse the 2010 winners while you're there. You may, as I did, get a little surprise to put the print to the name.


Umatji said...

just went and entered - what a great idea. some of the pics are great - and you are right odd photographers sometimes!
ps toothbrushes just arrived - stocking fillers done!

Kelly said...

its a rather humbling competition me thinks. yes- just ordered another 2 boxes myself. Pity the teens wont accept them as fillers!

Umatji said...

did you know that eco lateral on magill road sells them?