Wednesday, November 10

kissing tonsils

The kid's got 'kissing tonsils'. I'd never heard of 'kissing tonsils' until today. Poor mite. If you've never seen 'kissing tonsils', they take your breath away. Never, ever seen anything like'em. I had chronic tonsilitis as a kid, off and on every other week for four years but I never had my tonsils out. Progressive doctor who believed in the inherent value of them. I took penicillin tablets every day for years and have very vivid childhood memories of  a constant very sore throat. Haven't had tonsillitis since. But, they NEVER looked like his.
He looked up and shouted at me in just the right light a month or so back and I nearly died. Bloody hell. What is that in there???
His tonsils. apparently.
This is exactly what they look like. Golf balls. Killer strawberries. No space. Not an epiglottis or uvula in sight. No wonder he's not eating and snores like an alpha male. Here's a pic of him feeling rather poorly  and eating quince jam on toast.
Poor kid. But what to do? Three rounds of antibiotics to treat the ear infection thats gone with it and Zip! Naught. Nothin'. Still huge. Anyone had any experience with these monsters? I'm loathe to take a surgical option if I can help it.


greenfumb said...

I spent most of my preschool years on antibiotics, as did my brother, thanks to constant tonsilitis. Eventually we had them taken out. I can still remember the thrill of being the center of attention, getting presents (which was a rare thing in those days) AND best of all eating jelly and ice cream for every meal.

However my youngest has had two general anaesthetics due to accidents and it is a bit scary I admit, I almost collapsed the first time as she went "dead" in my arms. I was a bit calmer the second time but it's not fun.

Kelly said...

yeah- its a dilemma. i always fantasised about having mine removed(bit peeved the doc wasnt into it) just for the icecream. We NEVER had sweets in the house. Big dream for a little kid ;-)

Umatji said...

hmm, my eldest is a bit prone to tonsilitis but has not had it since every time he cries a sore throat we do spoonfuls of manuka honey to suck slowly on (hard to do it slowly but it helps - no problem if they don't do it slow) If you buy the highest strength you can afford but I reckon not less than 10 plus or don't bother. we do 15 plus from the honey shop in the market - you know the older fella - he is the guru - worth talking to him. Also we make rasberry sauce by zapping frozen rasp from the super with lemmon juice and more manuka honey and have it on breakfast and have it for pudding. so good for you. Also avoid dairy.
sorry - got a bit ranty!

Umatji said...

oh - forgot to say - that link made me queasy and I am so not the queasy sort!

One step at a time in the Sub Tropics said...

Oh I remember when my son had those ever so often as a child he was so sick. Never had them out though he just grew out of it he is now or will be 17 on December 1st and 6ft4in and thriving.
Strange things those kissers

Kelly said...

strange things indeed. They have ow gone down a little and there is some free space in there ! yippee
Thanks for the honey reminder- will give it a shot. yes, not pleasant but i thougt it wasnt too obscene to post!

Jacqui said...

aggg scary, get 'em out, get 'em out!