Sunday, October 11

was I being dramatic?

...just a bit. But i took your advice yesterday and today and it feels good. I overcame a huge theoretical hurdle that i have been avoiding for oh, just a few years and didnt feel so bad about missing out on the gardening. I did get out and water a few new seedlings, planted out some radiccio and tomatoes that were getting ahead and generally hung out with the boybean in between storming my way through a chapter.I have to say, this outlook on a sunny day can get me sitting in front of my laptop anytime...
Somehow, in between, we managed a leisurely afternoon tea with the Gnomes who were visiting for the first racking of the 'TRMG' carrot and citrus wine we are making as a joint venture and somehow, the leftover waffles that B2 made for breakfast (doh! she made a recipe for 6 when only 2 were at home to potentially eat waffles) morphed into a waffle, redcurrant and orange 'bread and butter' pudding to share. We are hoping the wine is ready for Christmas consumption. So far, so good.


belinda said...

What a great space.

I actually did something similar recently and moved my laptop in front of one of the biggest windows in the house. Not sure if it is the extra light or just that I feel in touch with the world when I sit and look out on all the green things but it has done wonders for my mood.

Unfortunately it means I can't let my desk get messy cause it's currently in the middle of the main living area. Regardless it's worth it.

Good Luck with those last 12 weeks.

Kind Regards

Laura Jane said...

Great outlook from the studio! That'll help push those PhD blahs away!

And what an EXCELLENT stack of waffles. Yum Yum Yum!

kale for sale said...

It's no where near a meal time and all I can think about now is I want some waffles! With butter and syrup.

Kelly said...

belinda- i absoloutely love our new space. We're all like lizards on a rock up there and its really quiet for working. The view really helps me feel like Im still a part of life. Good news is Im in at work on a day off madly working on it! Im on a mission.

laurajane- it is, it was!!

kale- they were extra good- 80% whole flour, orange zest and syrup. Delicious and I want some now too!