Saturday, October 24

bits and pieces

The Danish minister for climate and energy on a 13 km cycle through Copenhagen drumming up support for the 2009 Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Wishing our Climate Minister would take such a profile.

52 suburbs-photographic blog journey which will be through 52 suburbs in sydney. stunning and thoughtful images. Make a request!

a fantastic story in the NYT about new laws in Sweden which list on food labels carbon emissions generated in the production of packaged foods and new dietary recommendations there which account for carbon as well as health "eat carrots not tomatoes" "eat beans or chicken not beef". Amazing. progressive or too prescriptive? Thanks Annuska for the link. And while youre there check out this essay by novelist Johnathan Safran-Foer.

the daily green for good green news

check out the possibilities of what could be, on Brisbane foodconnect products page - meat, cheese, dairy AND fruit and veg delivered to you door from your local farmers and producers

some of these might turn a smile for someone, somewhere, or just make you feel fat or sick or both!

Got an old foosball table lying around and a team of old Barbies that you want to crucify?

and Ireland, has banned GE food/stuffs much to the dismay of the EU and the USA and Canada. Way to go!

Ahh, that feels better, cleared out a few half drafted and idea posts from my draftbox. What an easy way to do it! Hope you found something of interest in there. Have a great weekend.


Green Bean said...

Saw that re Ireland banning GE foods. Who's next?!? Can't wait.

And love love love the Barbie foosball table.

Kelly said...

cant wait either! its such a step in the right direction, as is the foosball. Thta made me chuckle.

kale for sale said...

I'd read the article by Jonathan Safran-Foer and thought it was terrific. It was the first I'd heard of him and apparently he's written a couple of books. Novels? And then I saw he's on a panel with our current food hero, Novella Carpentar, in Texas next month. Funny how once you notice someone they start popping up in different places. I love the Barbie foosball too. Way cool.