Wednesday, October 14

Im so excited. CSAs have finally arrived!

Im so excited i dont even know where to begin this post. OK all you Adelaide Taurus Rising readers. Time to come out of the woodwork. Time to support the local food movement! CSAs are coming to town!
CSA (community shared agriculture) is a grass roots food movement (Google it) and food production and distribution system that has been practiced in the USA and canada for years and is a relative newcomer to the Australian food market. CSAs have been operating in the lush regions of NSW and QLD for a few years but none so far have operated in Adelaide.

Essentially, a CSA works on the consumer 'purchasing' in advance a committment to buy produce from a group of local farmers for their weekly fruit and vegetable needs. Its like a share system, investing directly in the primary producer. If youre interested in helping to set up this system - becoming a 'city cousin' (the person with some city responsibility to pack or distribute the goods) then this meeting is for you. Attending and giving a workshop on the finer details of CSA with growers and customers will be Robert Pekin, founder of Food Connect (Brisbane)

Main Hall, Clarence Park Community Centre
72-74 East Ave, Black Forest, Adelaide
sunday, November 1
1.30pm - 5.45
Afternoon tea will be provided.

To RSVP and for more information contact Sally Fisher by 28/10/09

Help make sustainable and local food sytems prosper and help our local food and consumer communities connect, flourish and grow. See you there or comment me and we can go together!


Michele at A House Called Nut said...

Ah, I'm jealous! I wish we had something like that there. I worked for a CSA-like company back in the UK, and we got such wonderful produce. Enjoy your CSA! Looking forward to seeing what you bring home.

Tricia said...

Yay! Thats exciting. I've only just recently joined a CSA and I just love knowing where exactly my food is grown. I love knowing i'm supporting a farm in an area that otherwise now only grows houses.

Enjoy the meeting :-)

Veggie Gnome said...

Fantastic! We hope to go there, too.
Depending on fuel reduction measure the day before. Wanna come and help?

Barbara said...

I'm in (I've been waiting for
something like this although
I'd like more info before
committing myself). I live nearby
(assuming it's the place by
the railway tracks) so I'll
see you there.

naturewitch said...

Terrific!! So good to hear they're expanding. xx

Kelly said...

michele- its very exciting- was hoping someone dedicated would come along and start it! and they have. Im looking forward to being involved.

tricia-such a fantastic idea arent they? I cant wait.

veggie- okies! will help out and see you there.

barbara- hi hi. Great!- we can finally meet, its the place by the tracks, the food co-op... was it chinese jewellery and orange glasses?? *memory fails*

naturewitch- trrrrrific indeed! now i just need to stop blogging and do some work!

Jen said...

Hey, thats the location of my ol' organic food coop. I loved going there every saturday and picking up my pre-ordered veggies.

Jeremy also set up a community orchard at the same location over summer which was just brialliant for organising swaps of surplus produce.