Wednesday, October 28

oops, now its felt!

This was my all time favourite jumper; a Debbie Bliss silk and cashmere aran blend in Pistachio. Luxurious. Comfortable. Warm. Home made. The Bloke washed it. In the washing machine. With a full load. Mega spin. Yes, I was rather unhappy. I had hoped I had left these kind of Bloke mishaps behind along with my last relationship. Aparently not. I reckon thats topped up the bill to nigh on a couple of thousand bucks worth of clothing that Blokes in my life time have single handedly significantly 'altered' or rendered completely unwearable. This easy wear jumper is now about three sizes too small and a sports a stiff felt-like texture. All you crafty types out there, your ideas are needed. I cant bear to part with it but in its current state its completely un un-doable as its just to 'felty', but I have no good ideas what to do with such an expensive piece of...uselessness. Actually, i have a few of these felted pieces quite similar to this that I have stashed away over the years, remnants of relationships gone... waiting for inspiration. Ideas welcomed.


Belinda said...

A couple of ideas

Felted Bag
arms could be remodeled as super warm fingerless gloves
neck could maybe be used as a head band (depends on how much give it still has in it.

Kind Regards

Rixa said...

Make warm winter PJ's for boybean:
The sleeves turn into the bottom half (each one becomes a pant leg).
The rest of the sweater will give you enough material for the top half (body and sleeves).

Sorry about the loss of your lovely sweater!

Tricia said...

Arrgh! I know exactly how you feel. I had my husband do that to 1 of my tops and 2 of my daughters cute 1970s knitted jumpers in a single load! I was furious!

How about ipod, phone or sunglasses case? The beauty with felted wool is that you can easily handstitch.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. The crafing bug seems to be creeping up on you :-)

Jacqui said...

sorry for your loss. My mum is the culprit in our family but thankfully once I reached adulthood it hasn't impacted on me, though I have done a few rather spectacular things to ruin favourite items of clothing myself - just think colour running and you get (some of) the picture.

Now my friend Loani would rub her hands together and gleefully begin explaining how you could turn it into a tea cosie and I can't think of anything better except there is a funky young woman up here in the mountains who makes cuff/wrist warmers from sleeves cut off jumpers but you'd need to make a hole for your thumb. As with the tea cosie you could then go nuts with embellishments.

Trudy said...

Don't complain too much or 'The Bloke' may not do the washing again!!!

Telela said...

What about a table runner or small wall hanging with a few decorative bits. Check out the markets or local stores for some ideas. There's also loads of felting blogs.

Laura Jane said...

All the above are great suggestions. Incorporate some into a mixed media collage.

And/Or you could make little wild Woman with a scrap or two....with pearls. Have a go! Get Wild! I'd be happy to experiment with a little offcut...I can't wait to see what comes out of your much mourned stash of 'ruined'. They could be a 'Transformative Collection"

Jo said...

Baby toys for the bean... a ball perhaps? (maybe you could stuff on with rice so it can double as a stress ball)

greenfumb said...

Crafty I aint - but do you think that blokes (and teenagers) ruin the washing and break your good glasses so that they are not expected to do these things again??

is it big enough to make little felt slippers?

Barbara said...

Cozy little blanket for the cat?
Mittens? Bean slippers sound

Mickle in NZ said...

This needs to become a something special - like the suggested items for baby bean. Other woollen felted items make brilliant oven cloths - and don't get wet if accidentally splashed with water (wet cotton oven cloth - dangerous/skin burns).

My heart goes out to you, so much excitement as the garment grows with knitting, the joy of wearing such beautiful Debbie Bliss fibres next to your skin.... I cringe for you.

Hope you find something lovely to make from it,

Michelle and Zebbycat over the ditch in Wellington

Anonymous said...

I thought of a felt bag too, or, if you have a few other washday disasters you could cut them into blocks and make a quilt.

Can I confess, I have knitted and subsequently felted several items. It's heartbreaking and I have no one to blame but myself.

Kelly said...

oh wow, thanks for all these great ideas! Ithink i will wash the 'jumper' again and make sure its nice n felted and then chop away! Thats going to be the hard part..taking the scissors to it. Ouch. I think some bean slippers is a great idea as we have wooden floorboards and they get quite cool even in warmer months, so 2 pairs i think! One for now as hes outgrown his sheepskin boots and one pair for next winter. As for the rest, leading the list are a mixed media wall art, table runner and a cushion cover with felt embellishments and with that scrap i will definitely have left to laura jane to make a wild woman! Will kee p you posted no doubt.