Saturday, October 24

an easy way to participate in todays 350 event

Didnt get your shit together for todays 350 event? No worries. All you need to take part in this 350 event is a camera and yourself!

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA), established in 1980, is Australia’s leading, independent member-based organisation providing practical advice and information to households on sustainable living technology and practice. ATA publishes both ReNew and Sanctuary magazines.

Our members are people who are walking the talk on sustainable living in their own homes.

To bring together members and supporters, from across Australia and New Zealand, ATA will be hosting an online event where people can share their images of sustainable living.

Over the coming weeks ATA will be gathering 350 photos of real people living sustainable lives to be uploaded to an online image gallery on October 24th, the Global Day of Action.

To join this living gallery, take a photo of yourself and your favourite sustainable living activity or technology. This could be anything from you on the roof with your solar panel system to growing your own veggies or riding/walking to work. Invite your friends and family to join you in documenting your favourite aspect of sustainable living at your place.

Email your high resolution jpgs to
See for more details

...or just go sign the petition on the 350 link above.

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