Friday, October 30

Haiku Friday

We stand in line, hot
sweating, patiently waiting.
Ice cream from the Gods.


kale for sale said...

I have to say that is a scary picture. The next time you visit there is a gelato shop (using local ingredients) in Mill Valley that you will have to try. The Gods are here too!

Kelly said...

scary because he looks scary or the subject looks scary? I couldn't decided what you meant! LOL Yum yum Done deal. shame we're not turning up this Xmas, I definitely would have invited you over for several fun filled dinners complete with a selection the finest 6-7 flavours of Straus icecream!

kale for sale said...

Because he looks scary. The liquid is actually chocolate sauce (I've seen him give this demonstration.) Ah, Strauss ice cream. I gain weight just thinking of it.