Monday, October 19

tile dreaming

If small squares of glass could embody all that I find appealling, these tiles are 'it'. I love them; earthy, cool yet warm, full of deep sea myths and mossy boughs.
We faced a bit of a dilemma with the building of the studio in the garden; a space where the teens could go hang out and be noisy without us spoilsports telling them to 'Ssssshhh alright' all the time, where i had a space to make a creative mess and LEAVE IT OUT (nice right?) and a place where we could retreat to in winter and have some sunny and bright living space. Although our house is lovely with a great view, it sits in the bottom of a small valley and in winter can be quite dark and just a little cool!
As the planning and building evolved we constantly faced the dilemma of under or over capitalising "if we're spending money on a roof and walls then maybe we should try and keep it warm? if its got a roof lets put solar on it, if its warm in there maybe we should include some more floor area, if its that big we can put in a sink, if theres a sink we may as well have some lights, if theres lights we can put in some couches....' so we put in the light, the sink, the solar, the couches. We scrimped on the couches (new covers on op-shop finds that I have been lugging around with me for years) the sink (cheap reject) the floor (old Greenpeace newspaper cuttings on ply), spent big on the bi-fold windows and deck and the last job, the tiling behind the sink was giving us grief. Nice seconds were hard to find and I got picky until i found these. We both loved them so much we forgot to ask how much they were when we ordered them, i mean just how dumb is that? but after towing a kid around tile shops and you find just the ones you just think Hoo-bloody-rah! and go with it.
Finally the space is ready.


Annuska said...

They are also totally my taste! Love them- a lot!
Congratulations!! It is a beautiful space!

Laura Jane said...

What's not to like? They're great, ands exactly right for the space.

Congratulations on nearing completion!

Kelly said...

just need the mother of all bookcases and then i can indulge again in my cookbook/food politics reading/owning passion.