Thursday, October 1

food waste

Tristam Stuarts book Waste is currently under review and living on my bedside table. I havenet read for months (you may have noticed my currently reading links have not been updated for a while!) as I have been busy with my business and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall during my normal reading hours! I was going to finish reading the book and write a review before I posted anything about it, but the pics on the Waste website i find are just so telling and interesting that I thought Id provide a link for those who are interested. Some of those displays look just like our weekly veg shop! Why food waste is so passionate a concept to me i have no idea. Food politics in general just gets my juices flowing. You?


naturewitch said...

Wow! By those standards a lot of our food would be condemned, too. If they worry about a little bit of grass, what about the odd dandelion or purslane, etc growing in between the vegies?

The pig food is a terrific idea - I used to work in a lab in a dairy factory and one of the guys left two big barrels in the lab to collect the left over samples (we weren't allowed to eat/drink them). Each week, he would get two barrels full of quality dairy foods for his pigs. Probably wouldn't be allowed to do that now.

When you think of all the starving people, it is just downright disgusting.

The Crone and I have often discussed food wastage and we're the same as you - both of us find it really hard to waste any food. Wish more people thought that way. xx

Kelly said...

naturewitch- its a great book, id recommend it. Having sat on my comment of cant work out why im interested in 'waste' i worked it out. Unconcscious, unclever living. Sinful really. The manufacturing and distrubution system needs and overhaul..i can see my interest in freeganism groiing exponentially!