Thursday, October 29

do you hide your blogging?

this question has been on my mind for a while and Ive basically been wondering if Im abnormal. I do not tell people outright that I have a blog. I may say that 'I blog' but thats vague; it can be taken a passive and not an active statement. i generally dont say I have a blog and here's the address. I dont invite my close others in. I have over time become comfortable with the Bloke reading it but thats taken a while, he didnt know about it for ages. Its an interesting thing this 'hiding' from close friends and family. Why? Is it the idea that we can be seen differently? that we may present a face unknown to those who believed they knew? Is it an essential shyness, an insecurity? Im not really too sure. Im getting better at disclosing it. Are you an overt or a covert blogger? Im curious.


Gavin said...

I lean more to the overt side, and advertise sustainable living every chance I get. Share the love so to speak!


greenfumb said...

I am extremely covert, my family know but are not encouraged to read and are sworn to secrecy. I got very upset when hubby told some friends. I never post pictures of myself or anyone I know. Strange when you consider that my children post every single thing they do or say on Facebook, they have no qualms about letting it all hang out.

I'm not sure why, I think it's because my views are a bit unusual around here and, unlike Gavin, I lack the confidence to push my views forward. Not too many people on the North Shore of Sydney are interested in food production or footprint reduction.

Although to be honest I was never the sort of person who liked being the centre of attention, my wedding nearly killed me!

Mia @ agoodhuman said...

I've had a few blogs over the years. About some of them I've told everyone I know, others have been kept secret. It really depends on the subject of the blog. If I want to talk freely and not self-censor then anonymity has it's place. I've told everyone about my current blog because like Gavin I want my people to know about the really important issues I'm discussing, like sustainability etc.

Jo said...

I'm overt to a degree; when I first started my husband told everyone. Everyone I tell you, parents, friends, everyone!! It changed the way I thought about my space, and made me be much nicer about what I write (probably a good thing though)... that said, over time most of my 'real life' friends have heard about it, and most don't bother to read it at all - they're just not as interested in me as I am, or they tell me "I just don't get the whole blogging thing".

Katy said...

I haven't been doing it that long - but some people know and some people don't. The Mr, my parents know. The Mr doesn't read it and I'm pretty sure my parents just look at the photos'of Chloe. I didn't tell friends because I find it is a good place to vent and in my 'real life' I'm usually looked at as the 'leftie hippi' and have actually found many more like minded souls in the ' blog world'. I also wanted to see if I ever got any followers that weren't people I knew - the Mr isn't big on discussion so it's great with my blog. I think I keep it to myself to 'preserve' my uniquemess if that makes sense! x

Sarah said...

Hi Kelly,

I am the same as you. It is kinda a side of me that is just me. They cannot know everything I am up to!


Kelly said...

gavin- go you! I think Im just essentially a bit of a wallflower.

greenfumb - i think its confidence for me too. Wedding issues-SNAP! I have a link to my blog on my FB account so Im getting more adbenturous about leaking it! Hey- your in my old stomping ground, i grew up on Chinamans Beach!not many hippies
there then, fewer now!

mia- yeah i think youre right, blog subject makes a difference and anonyminity with subjects certainly helps.

jo- 'my space' thats exactly why i didnt tell my husband as hes a bit of know all and didnt want ANY critique! for me too its be a slow leak of telling friends.

katy- preserving uniqueness, sounds familiar...its a funny issue really and i do think its interesting.

sarah- see above and above!!! yes, its the ease of strangers! although i do love a blog meet!!!

Ramsey said...

I am very particular who I tell and who I don't. I have found the experience of blogging to be wonderful. I have really learned so much from the great blogs I visit. The whole thing has been very enriching.

vegeyum said...

Covert. Absolutely. Except for my daughter.

kale for sale said...

I'm a mix. At first I told all my freinds and with the exception of a couple no one reads it although I tag it at the end of emails. I told one co-worker sworn to secrecy but of course she told another. I was horrified. Still am actually but again, I don't think they read it. That's where the split is for me, work life versus my real life somehow. Good question.

Suzanne said...

Hi Kel. I am totally overt but considering letting it all out there. I think we are covert partly because of insecurity. It is much easier to be judged by a faceless stranger in cyberspace than think about those closest us to us, and what they may think about the things we put out there. I think blogging is a kind of truth serum. We say things online that we might never say out loud. . . You know the saying, if you don't have anything nice to say . . . Well, sometimes it's nice to blow off steam but if you are out there, name and all, well, there are obvious risks.
Anyway, just some thoughts. I haven't blogged in ages and am at a cross-roads. I either take it public, so to speak, or shut it down.

Suzanne said...

oops, meant covert.

belinda said...

Sorta covert.

Occasionally I do mention I have a blog.. just never had anyone really interested so I very seldom pass on the address.

DH has always know and always read and my good friends have always known and often read. My parents know but don't read as they are not particularly internet focused...If Mum wants to know what is going on she just emails me. DH's parents/family don't know as I prefer to have a bit of privacy due to the general family dynamic.

Kind Regards

Kelly said...

Ramsey - particular is a great way to describe it! Blogging is a fine thing.(in

vegieyum- covert seems to be popular...

kale - youre particular too. Definitely havent told anyone at work! eek, that thought scares me.

suzanne- costa rica blog?? i would love to hear some thoughts since your return! Blowing off steam is a reason for me to keep it close too, too 'public' and you have to watch it. Think Dooce! lol

belinda- ohh, shame on them! hehe. makes it easy for you though!

Julie said...

Interesting question Kel, as I'v e just had a visit from a fellow blogger and a reader/friend and was horrified at how exposed I felt while they were here, even though they are very non-judgemental people... Haven't been game to blog since as I feel a bit fraudulent, like I was 'found out' or something.

Unlike you I am such a beginner, and I suppose I feel very insecure about not measuring up? I've also had two of DH's old friends track HIM down through my blog recently which is rather weird... I like that the message is getting out there but at the same time I'm not an overt activist and knowing that over 1000 people are reading my ramblings every day is starting to freak me out a little LOL.

blue milk said...

Interesting question. I write mostly on the down low so I don't piss off my work. Sometimes I wish it was even more anonymous, because enough people from off-line know about the blog that I have to be very careful what and who I write about.