Wednesday, December 30

SLOW living

I've been feeling like a bit of a fraud for a while. This week, its really come home to roost but I've been conscious of and feeling like this for a couple of months. Fraudulent in the sense of not deceiving outright, just feeling a little like stretching the truth somewhat.

My tag line for my blog may have to change.

Living with SLOW principles when you are a mum of three and a worker and a student and starting a small business and helping another one get up and running does not for SLOW living make. Having a husband who is now running for parliament in the next State election doesn't help. SLOW living is not really HOW we live hour to hour. Its pretty hard and fast around here.
'Doh!', yeah, i hear you groaning.

Funny, I really identify with SLOW principles. I believe in savoring, getting back to first principles, working for your rewards, not taking the easy options, respecting nature, appreciating the effort that goes in to making, doing, being. SLOW principles are what we always try to employ in what we do, what we use, what we consume, and how we do it. But it all adds up in a modern world to a crazy busy life of promoting SLOW. Our lives are based on generating a public interest in ideas like this. My tag line needs to read something like' a SLOW principled woman working too FAST in a modern world, striving to make SLOW a conscious and attainable way of life.
Within all my responsibilities, paid and otherwise, I try and practice SLOW but at the end of the day it really all adds up to BUSY. Trying to live as consciously and ecologically as possible and getting the word out there and trying to make a difference as a working person with a family is inherently not SLOW.
Cant quite work it out.


belinda said...

It sounds to me that you just need to find another way to package up those ideals so they don't clash with quite such dissonence with your daily life.

There is nothing in the aims you put forward that have to signal a slow leisurely life, just a conscious one. Being present and conscious doesn't need to take a lot of time, well in the beginning it will but later no. I guess it comes down to do you believe the idea of slow is the ideal or the principles that have been attached to it.

Kind Regards

Gavin said...

Kel, mate, I think you and your family are doing a wonderful job at living life to the fullest, with the smallest ecological footprint possible.

Slow or Fast, I have really enjoyed reading about your trials and tribulations throughout 2009, and look forward to reading about your continuing adventures in 2010.

Happy New Year!

Gav x

iNdi@ said...

you could just call it 'flinging out the anchors'?
happy new year.

Kelly said...

belinda- thanks for the push - need to resolve that. lol

gav- cheers mate. thanks. HNY 2 U 2!

iNdi@- i like it! HNY too!