Wednesday, December 2

Elevated Christmas

Last years Christmas 'tree' is even more useful this year with the Bean tearing around the place. He was mooching last year, but this year its essential. The only dilemma is where to put the presents? This weekend we will hoist the old steel wagonwheel into place and wind it with foilage. Its a great alternative to a tree. Last year I used hawthorne and holly from the garden. That was a little painful.
This year i think eucalyptus leaves and its big gum nuts, but maybe thats a fire hazard?...and definitely still use the glass fruit and veg baubles which I love. I mean really, how can you not be happy with a bauble shaped like a bunch of asparagus, a dill pickle or a giant strawberry?

I find my love of Christmas quite contradictory.


Belinda said...

sounds awesome...

Hope you have a great family weaving ceremony.

Kind Regards

Katy said...

What a beautiful idea - as always x

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Maybe if you have spray the gum leaves with water (or soak in water) before you do the weaving, and then spray again before you light the candles, then the greenery will be damp and won't catch alight. I'm sure it will look great whatever sort of greenery you decide on. (rosemary might work as well)

kale for sale said...

You crack me up - the Christmas Pickle. How perfect!

Michele at A House Called Nut said...

I love it! Such an original idea but still very Christmasy. My sister has a rabbit who attacks the xmas tree and presents--I'll have to pass this on to her!

Kelly said...

belinda- thanks , we will! ( well if any of the kids are home!)

katy- thanks, we love it. and its out-of-the-way!

pip- good idea! and the rosemary idea, love it, shall give it a shot! now if that ctaches fire...yum!

kale- *snorts*

michele- a sneaky rabbit huh? thats an indoor problem i havent come across before. Tell her good luck!