Friday, December 25

comfort, joy and butter up its arse

Here's a Merry Christmas read from Waffle; Belgiums slattern extraordinaire and 'unfit' mother. Hope 'y'all had a good one. Im barely conscious. The thought of eating another crustacean is making me feel a bit ill. 'The Night' went extremely well. lots of laughter and wine and food and family goodness. It was brilliant. The Big Beans declared today the best-est, happiest day of their life which they wish could be repeated every day, like groundhog day, hereafter...
Hope you're all well satiated.


iNdi@ said...

hold the Groundhogs, once a year is plenty
happy greetings

Laura Jane said...

I'm so delighted it has all gone well. Praise from Big Beans is praise indeed!

Kelly said...

iNdi@ - once is fine for me too. Hope you had a lovely one.

laura jane- yes, we all too! its a lovely feeling...the love fest hasnt stopped!