Monday, December 14

saving the world, one weekend at a time

Our efforts started on Friday with Bloke picking me up after work for The Greens Christmas drinks where the boy bean intermittently went from grazing the horses-doovers, returning what he didn’t like to the platters (i just know there were a few moments where i missed it...eww, sorry fellow party folk!) and sitting at the bar performing embarrassing imitations of his father by sipping his drink, munching potato wedges and slapping flies. Role modelling in action. Noice.

Flew from Christmas drinks to home where i got turfed with the boybean and the Bloke grabbed some snags and some beer and a candle or two and headed to our local library and lawn where the 350 vigil he organised was taking place. Its always nice when the co-ords late... I put the bean to bed and passed out on mine for a while then dragged my way up the hill, white wine in hand; just to keep the classiness going, and promptly had myself a good time. Finally got home at 11pm. Sleep. Up. Got the kids ready and we all bussed to town. It was great as pretty much the whole bus load were on their way to the Walk Against Warming so there was a bit of communal spirit along the way. I was half tempted to start a round of 'kumbaya'.
Once at the rally I pressed the flesh and talked the talk for Food Connect Adelaide and after an hour and a half of handing out flyers and 'doing the promo' I could hardly string a sentence together. that’s bloody hard work. Then we walked through the city centre in solidarity to take a stand for the health of the people and the planet and to try and foster some real government action on climate change.

Sunday was a Christmas picnic with friends; petanque, wine, kids, soccer, cricket. Well... I had a lie down. No, I didnt have toooo much to drink, just little sleep the nite before and a midday glass of wine took its toll. And for those of you who noticed..these are the Blokes favourite reusbale plastic picnic cups from a bar-in-his-past in San Fran. The rest of the party held up fine.


belinda said...

Wow, good work.

I have to say I had one of those too exhausted to care weekends. Made it to the Community garden planning meeting, I even finished the design they needed for Wednesday but above and beyond that I tried for down time. Right now I am hiding from my diary cause it says the only day I am not supposed to be attending something in the next week is Friday and I have something I probably should go to then.. it's just over the other side of Melbourne so I need DH to drive and he tends to need down time on Friday's after a long week.

Kind Regards

Katy said...

What an inspiration you are! I wanted to make it to the walk but didn't quite get there so we did the 'mini' awareness morning up here. Love the photo's - I've been following the photos and info on the food connect face book page too. Glad everything worked out with the new boyfriend meets the family day too x

Kelly said...

belinda- hiding from diaries sounds like a good option mid Dec! may join you!

katy- aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! glad youve fan'ed on FB! yes, alls well on the boyfriend front. such a simple guy and he doesnt push her to break her curfews! gotta love that!