Monday, December 21

carrot and citrus wine

A few months back The Gnomes came to visit to make some wine. We decided on carrot and citrus wine (we had lots of citrus- lemon, orange, grapefruit) We picked and peeled and chopped and boiled and stirred. Then we poured carrot and citrus peel and juice and sugar and regular baking yeast into a big plastic bucket and left it stewing awhile. Then we decanted and drained off the must into another bucket and left it to ferment a month or so.

We tasted, checked the alcohol content, added a little more sugar and left it to ferment again.

When fermentation had slowed right down and the water seal in the bung/ airlock wasn't gurgling anymore we racked it; drained the wine from the sludge that settled at the bottom.

Near finishing time, we checked the clarity, added some gelatine to aid it clearing, and racked it again.

So, yesterday, two months after we first chopped boiled and stirred, the Gnomes returned and we bottled up the wine. A dozen each thereabouts. We reckon it packs quite a punch.

We sampled a little; its very good, spirit-like its so punchy, no hint of carrot and the bloke reckons 'it tastes a bit like Christmas'.

The Gnomes also guided me in a trimming and carving session on a huge hunk of beef. I now have lots of meals of thin schnitzel, a fillet for christmas, some steaks and chunks for curry or mince. What a rare treat! I even got invited to a 'pluckin' party'! Like minds is all Im saying. Stay tuned for that post.

The boybeans got a sweet little thing goin' on with Veggie Gnome. Must be all the berries...


Julie said...

Nom nom nom!

Did you use one of those electric vacuum sealer machines for your beef? If so, what do you think of it - worth the investment?

Happy Festivus to you and yours if I don't pop in again before Friday :-D

Julie said...

P.S. Forgot to say awesome photo of Veg & the Boybean :-)

Kelly said...

julie- besides being the sellers of said meat..the gnomes brought not only eggs and sharp boning knives but also their vacuum sealer! How lucky am I? But im hoping for my own boning knife for xmas (a new camera is out of the question). Great pic isnt it!

Kelly said...

julie- but i do believe the Gnomes are happy with it! it gets a good workout i do believe. The bags are reusable too.

Veggie Gnome said...

Kelly - lovely write-up and great pictures all round. Do you still need a few piccies from our joint activities?

Julie - we are happy with the vaccuum sealer. It gets quite a workout. The bags are a bit dearer than normal bags, but we reuse them until they are cut to a size that you can't even vaccuum seal a sprig of rosemary. (Not that I'd ever do that!)
You won't get any freezer burn, even when you keep things frozen for a long time. :)

Laura Jane said...

What a great session of produce processing.

Interested to hear the results!

And the vacuum sealer looks great.

Ah, boys and their berry-loves. Nice pic

Julie said...

Terrific, thanks ladies :-) Might have to put one on my list for Mother's Day next year, hehehehe.