Wednesday, December 16

gender bender

Im loving this.

On Monday, the Bloke won endorsement to run on the Greens ticket for the Legislative Council in the next State election in March 2010. Life will be getting busier.

Yesterday the Bloke, who is also a stay home dad to the boy bean, now 18 months, faced his first child care dilemma, the first of many to come I imagine. He has a meeting with Federal Greens Minister, Sarah Hanson-Young lined up for today. Neither my mum, B1 or myself could do it at such short notice. So he rang Sarahs office to see if it was OK to bring the bean in to the meeting. Her male PA said 'sure fine, he could help out looking after the bean a bit'. I love it! Bloke has issues with child care for meeting with female minister and takes the Bean in to be looked after by her male PA. Im really lovin' this.


elburro said...

ooooooh. absolutely delicious!

belinda said...


I would be loving it too. It is just a bit of a shame that it is still so unusual that it feels a bit of a surprise.

Kind Regards

Laura Jane said...

Its a bit sick that you're enjoying it SO much, Kel.


Is it not a secret anymmore?

kale for sale said...

This is terrific. A friends is in a gender's studies program and I'll have to share this with her. She'll love it.