Sunday, December 6

Scallion pancakes

Finally, a food post! A two ingredient lunch. Scallions + flour; way too easy peasy. Well water and some oil too, but hey, minimal!
A half used bunch of scallions had been languishing in the frdge for a week. Scallion gulit had become a problem. Thankfully the light bulb went on. Problem solved. Family Styles scallion panckaes. They also have a good series of pics if you cant understand my instructions. My hands were so flour coated I only took a few pics of the process.
These pancakes are quick, tasty , crispy, flaky and best of all easy and low fat. We scoffed them for lunch, even the bean loved them (sans spicy sauce).

makes 4 frypan size pancakes

:: 2 cups plain flour
:: 1 cup boiling water
:: 1/2 cup of chopped scallions
:: sesame oil

mix flour and water with spoon (its hot) and then knead with hands into a smooth, soft ball. Divide into 4 balls.

Roll a ball of dough into a thin flat circle to fit your frypan. Drizzle sesame oil to taste over surface then scatter 1/4 of the scallions over complete surface. Then take an edge and roll the circle into a 'cigar' shape. Make a coil from the 'cigar' and then roll the coil back into a thin flat circle. Fry in a sesame oiled pan , turning until cooked. Nest time I will use more oil and cook for less time. Im too used to dry frying tortilla and indian bread.

:: soy sauce
:: smashed clove/s of garlic
:: chopped scallions
:: chilli flakes/sauce
:: sugar
:: rice wine vinegar

Mix together vinegar and sugar to dissolve the sugar. Add other ingredients to taste.

Serve with the pancakes! (the leftover sauce I used to season the okonomiyaki we had for dinner)

I squeezed these in for lunch around finishing the dill pickles (after fermentation comes canning!) and limoncello bottling before I braved the 'Monster Mall' with three kids in tow. It was actually much less traumatic than usual. Either we've all grown up or the planets were aligned. No tantrums, no tears, just endless searching for the 'perfect' summer apparrel. I thought I handled myself well not to mention the picture perfect small-child-handed-down-from-heaven who happily sat in his wheel chair watching all that an afternoon at 'Fountain Lakes' offerred his innocent self without complaint. He was pretty enamoured with all the sparkly christmas baubly bits. Four hours of shopping centre tramping took its toll on both my feet and my 'stumulus tolerance' level, driving me to fall into a deeply soothing alcoholic beverage after the unpacking, re-feeding, fashion parading and bathing frenzy subsided. Ive now fallen into a second snifter of limoncello. Good thing I made somewhere near six litres of the stuff! Might get me through till Christmas...


Veggie Gnome said...

Oh no! You beat me to that recipe! I printed it out ages ago and kept meaning to make it like NOW!

Glad to hear it is well worth making.

Also glad to hear you survived your shopping trip and it wasn't that traumatic. You are a very brave woman! I'd have walked into the shopping centre and immediately said, "Can we go home now?!"

greenfumb said...

Me too, I have actually been thinking about them all weekend as there were scallions in the fridge but somehow didn't get around to it.

Oh and I love okonomiyake, we used to have Japanese
exchange students years ago and I always persuaded them to make it for me.

4 hours in a shopping centre, you deserve a medal, I ALWAYS leave before I have to pay for the carpark at 3hrs, not because I'm mean but because I hate it!

Kelly said...

crazy i know, but i find i cant avoid it even just once a year. its either that or they may disown me as completely tight wad mother. At least the car paring is free! medal please. I tell ya, 2 girls and clothes, back pocket hurting much. Okinomiyaki is pretty much a weekly staple here- so versatile and easy way to use up veges that are sending guilt vibes!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Scallions equals spring onions right? I always have them kicking round the fridge, this will be a great way to use them up. I find it bad enough going to a shopping centre by myself, especially at this time of the year, and you had 3 kids in tow, bet you enjoyed the limoncello.

mei said...

hooray! glad it worked out. hilarious that you also have a 'bean' in your life. also, jealous that you made okonomiyaki. i need to make that happen soon too!