Wednesday, December 23

i dunno what i was thinking

when i decided that the 24th December would be a good deadline to submit my thesis for its last supervisors' edit. Im snappy. I think I thought maximum time to finish and then I'd be free and able to enjoy the compulsory University shut down from midday tomorow until January 5. Im cranky, stressed, short tempered and suffering a mga burn (dropped a hot molten butter pie crust on my arm??!!??) I've cooked three dishes tonight since i got home from work- dinner; ravioli with carrot sauce, sweet potato bake with nut crumble topping- sweet potatos baked with fresh thyme then mashed with cooked garlic and leek and ready to have the parmesan pine nut crumble topping placed then baked tomorrow night. Boysenberry pie crust cooked, creme patissiere made, that too is ready to be assembled tomorrow and berries piled on top. Just the Beef Wellington and hasselback potatoes and beans to do tomorrow when i get home, after Ive finished the thesis.

Looking forward to that, and the fact that my brother has promised a massive lobster, and prawns and calamari. Surf n turf tomorrow night here i come! Cant remember the last time I ate all that over farmed seafood but Im not going to kick up a stink. I love love lobster. And I look forward to a glass or two (or three or four) of celebration fizz. My mums coming for a sleepover too- first Christmas morning with her for a long time. The big beans are pretty happy about that and she's stoked too. So, this may be the last post until after the crazy hullabaloo has died down. Ive so enjoyed having you all in my neighbourhood, thanks for your company. Have a wonderful time in peace and solitude, with friends, with family; whatever the silly season holds for you. Take care and look after the planet.


el burro said...

i hope you get that thesis finished in record time so that you can get started on enjoying the festivities as soon as possible...happy holidays!!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Haha, no wonder you were freaking at my advent calendar posts. I hope you get it finished and submitted ok. Hope you all have a great Christmas, don't eat too much of that lobster and have a glass for me.
take care

Veggie Gnome said...

Hope all goes well this morning and you can then enjoy tonight!

Have a great Christmas! Enjoy yourself, enjoy being with your loved ones. Enjoy the food and fizz. :)

Annuska said...

Have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I just finished the second report I had to do and am feeling good about real holidays! yay!

Nicola said...

Delurking to thank you for your lovely, very readable and inspiring blog. Merry Christmas

Laura Jane said...

I truly hope it all goes well, and how lovely that your Mum is coming for a sleepover.

And that bloody thesis....did it get de-bugged and work? Fingers crossed.

Best wishes and hugs

x x x x

Kelly said...

el burro- well..its been handed up..dont know about finished...but feels great for now.looking forward to a week and a bit of holidays!

pip- awlays a good ide at the time..yup, they were freakin me right out-seemed to go from 16 to 24 rather quickly!

veggie- we did thansk!

annuska- yippee! hope youre doing well and that the spanish winter prepares you for the German one! Merry christmas!

nicola- hi, thank you, hope you enjoy/ed the day 9 not sure where you are in the world!) lol

laura jane- having mum here was great fun. we managed 6 on the bed for pressies! As for the thesis , manually debugged for editing purposes, will need proper debug when i get it back!