Saturday, December 19

so my brother called...

and told me that he loved me, that they would lock in next Christmas lunch as i had requested, that they would come to our house on Christmas Eve and we would do dinner as a complete family, that they would bring food, and I cried. I think my last email must have worked or something? My poor mum was beside herself with joy. I cant remember the last time we had a Christmas meal with them...

So my head turns to a menu. Thinking that I will suggest they bring wine and i will do the food. I'm thinking a piece of fantastic local fillet of beef wrapped in mustard, wild mushroom duxelle and pastry ala Wellington style, a boysenberry tart courtesy of the Gnome berry bushes, nut loaf with pimiento sauce for the vegos and some vegetables/warm salads. Any suggestions? I haven't ever done a Christmas Eve dinner. Usually Im a seafood for lunch at Christmas kind of girl and we always have nut loaf, its our family tradition. Whats your favourite Christmas food? Do you have a Christmas food that's tradition for you?


Laura Jane said...

Love your menu, but DO consider the weather Kell.

I understand the wanting the whole family together thing. My family have not met for a Xmas meal under one roof since 2001. My Dad died in 1994, and our beloved brother-in-law in 1992 so its been a really long time since we/I have felt like a united family. There was a rift between Mum and one sister in 2002 that has never been healed. I have kept the peace and maintained contact, but this year I have let it slide too, and have not been bombarded with phonecalls. I feel guilty, and sick.

Separation due to death is one thing, but the selfishness you descibe is another thing entirely.

Just remember....don't give him too much power to hurt you OR please you over this. Its all I'm saying.

I REALLY hope you have an enjoyable Christmas Eve. You have built such a lovely, whole hearted family.

Laura Jane said...

Oh, and food?

I LOVE the traditional heavy meal. It just doesn't feel like Xmas without it. I am adapting under sufference, and this year we are going to Mum's for a BYO BBQ whatever. Oy Veh!

However I have baked my Xmas cake this year (I skipped last year, I wrote myself a note) and plan to bake myself some Xmas glazed ham, cos that says it all for me. I have a friend who likes a fruit mince pie with me, and we have a date for said pie next Wed!

Veggie Gnome said...

Tradition? In our family:
Smoked salmon! Camembert. Treble-smoked ham. On slices of baguette. Just nibbling away on Christmas Eve.
Skip the Gluhwein (mulled wine), it's only nice for a cold wintry Austrian Christmas Eve.

And a gazillion home-made biscuits (8-12 varieties) throughout the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. Can be omitted, if you don't have a sweet tooth. I'd rather have a chunk of cheese or smoked salmon. Or cured meat.

In your case - I wouldn't stress too much, but enjoy the company. The family. Just reconnect and enjoy.

wombat064 said...

Hey Kel,
Food at christmas, traditionally most of my family likes the heavy roast type of meal. Myself, being alergic to turkey, prefers a nice moist duck or a succulent seafood platter, backed up with a nice cheese platter , some pavlova and a cold beer..

Merry Christmas to You and Family and I hope to catch up with you soon


Em said...

Christmas Eve dinner is our family tradition too - no matter what it's all of us together, and we might have other people around or go elsewhere for all the other days, but that night is fo rour family :) Years ago (child/teen) we would spend weeks preparing fancy recipes from books, complete with detailed tongue in cheek menu and wine list etc. Nowdays it's usually mangos, avocado, smoked salmon (perhaps sushi rolls), carpaccio of homegrown beef, crisp salad and a killer dessert. Small portions, great wine, lots of love. This year I have a small treasure of home-salted capers to take with me - am thinking carpaccio :)

I'm so happy for you that your brother has heard you. Without knowing him more than what you've said, perhaps that's what he needs - for you to tell him what *you* need? Some years ago, the turning point in my relationship with my parents was when I began to tell them clearly what I needed from them; funnily they seem to be able to do the same for me too, and the result has been very good :)

Veggie Gnome said...

Just a thought - why not let your brother bring some food, too? Some nibbles? Dessert? A salad? So that he feels involved in the meal, too. :)

Veggie Gnome said...

Ps.: ... and I'm sure it's TRIPLE smoked ham. Ignore spelling mistake, please. :)

Kelly said...

laura jane- oh, youre so wise! yes, must remember to take it easy. trust is earnt right? yeah, im liking my menu too and the weather forecast is RAIN! so Im adding Kerries sweet potato crumble to the list and a christmas pudding(eek David Jones here I come) so we have heaps of leftovers for the days to pass. Thanks so much for your kind input. Have a lovely christmas and enjoy the tarts! xx

Veggie- yum, camambert, smoked slamon, baguete and treble ham@ treat treat treat! im with you - love the meat n cheese.

wombat- duck...hmm, got one in the freezer...hmmm see ya soon! safe travels and happy chrimbo.

Em- oh yeah yummo again.. and home made capers - what a treat- carpaccio for sure! I love simple seafood lunch for xmas but this year its roast meat n veg for me ( what a surprise) will try and not stress for sure. I think we'll have a great night. Asking is always 'useful' grin

veggie - im gonna leave it to him what he wants to bring and I liked the idea of a treble moked ham!