Thursday, December 17

very, very adult chocolate tart

This was B1s request for birthday cake. It followed a very favourite baked chicken, proscuitto and mozarella dish that i know from memory but can no longer locate since my move-in with the Bloke and I lost my Foods of the World Time Series cookbooks. If anyone has the Italian small companion recipe book I'd love you forever if you could tell me what this dish is called. Its floured, flattenned chicken breasts, gently sealed and browned, then topped with proscuitto and mozarella and baked in stock until it looks just perfect. Its moist and delicious and when we have it (birthday dinners) I always serve it with hasselback potatoes and beans/brocollini.
So the choc tart was the only thing I remembered to photograph, well that and the risotto balls I made for the vegos amongst us but...another post...

Its Jamie Olivers Chocolate Tart, best served with some berries. Its like a good red.

4 large eggs .
3 tbsps sour cream .
1 sweet tart crust ( I used Careme sweet vanilla bean pastry)
8 tbsps cocoa powder .
250 g 70% cocoa dark chocolate .
140 g unsalted butter .
syrup .
200 g caster sugar .
3 tbsps golden syrup .
1 pinch salt .


Step #1 Pre-heat oven to 150*C.
Step #2 Blind bake the pastry shell for about 10 mins or until it is almost cooked & golden.
Step #3 In a bowl add butter, chocolate, salt & cocoa powder.
Step #4 Put bowl over a saucepan with simmering water & heat until melted & golssy.
Step #5 While above is melting, mix together eggs & castor sugar until smooth.
Step #6 Add sour cream & golden syrup to the eggs & mix again till yoiu get a smooth mixture.
Step #7 Add the melted chocolate mixture to the eggs & mix well until mixd.
Step #8 Pour this batter into the prepared pastry shell & bake for 40 mins at 150*C.
Step #9 Cool.

*p.s. Hasselback potato hint: use a chopstick to brace the knife from cutting all the way through.

Addendum; according to some, this chicken dish is apparently better than sex


Anonymous said...

when you say baked in stock for the chicken breasts, how much stock do you mean.. (i need specifics...ahha)

Kelly said...

hehe, i mean about 1 cup of stock, to come halfway up the chicken

Barbara said...

Petti di Pollo alla Bolognese
(or Boned Chicken Breasts with
Prosciutto and Cheese) - it's
on page 101 of the big Time Life
Foods of the World Italian
book. I've got 5 of these books -
I'd love the whole series!

Kelly said...

OMG!! I love you Barbara!!!!! I had the whole series....sob sob

Olive said...

How times change, I had a chuckle reading your 15 y.o's favourite dish. What a sophisticated taste she has.

I'll tell something Kelly. MY 15y.O. is now 54 (dont tell her I told you) her special birthday dish was always STEW!!!! I'd almost forgotten that until I read your post.

Her party sounds delicious, Hope she had a very happy day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly

made it - it was easy peasy and they loved it an dwanted the recipe..even 22 year old son to impress g/friend..

making your choc tart for family BBQ Saturday..

Love Kathy

Kelly said...

hey olive. sign of the times i reckon. more varied food exposure me thinks! never thought of it as sophisticated... maybe more than stew hehe, had a chuckle this end too! its was delishious if not filling!

kathy- ohh nice! it really is easy peasy and soooo tasty. Choc tart is easy peasy too! Id better do more food posts!

Zoe said...

How could you part with those books, crazy lady?

Kelly said...

zoe- it wasnt a choice! *sobs some more* - they got 'mislaid'