Friday, January 1

Aims for 2010

I'm not a NYE resolution maker, but here's a lost of my goals for 2010. Blogging is such a good way to ensure a modicum of accountability for myself, putting it all out there lets me a) remember them! b)review them and c)cross them off when done!

1. get back to a regular exercise routine (at least 3 times a week of a dedicated hour)
2. give up my butter addiction
3. graduate
4. take the bean to a local kinder gym/playgroup
5. do more then two successive sowings in the garden for a more continuous supply of veges!
6. have a 'WoW' of a 40th birthday party
7. green my workplace a little more
8. make lots more champagne!
9. read more books
10. work harder at reducing household plastic waste

Whats topping your list for 2010?


Mrs B said...

Hi Kelly,
Top of my list is like yours to work harder at reducing plastic waste.
Then I would like to
* build a bigger vegie garden
* reduce our electricity usage even more
* socialise more with like minded friends
* stress less and relax more :-)
* keep building up Dh & my business to greater success

Katy said...

Hello lovely! Happy new year! I read your list and posted my own - I figure now I have posted it I am publicly accountable! Cheers to a great 2010! x Maybe I should add host a bloggers wine night to my list?

kale for sale said...

My list also has amnesia when it comes to butter. I've got some local ghee for cooking and so much delicious olive oil I keep telling myself this won't be hard. Number one is getting back to a meditation routine. Really, twenty minutes a day should not be a problem. And I'm going to spend the entire year celebrating my 50th.

Happy New Year!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I still miss my butter especially when there is fresh, warm bread, but I know that giving it up is one of the best things I can do for my cholesterol level.

Kelly said...

mrs B- hho happy new year! sound like some very good new year objectives! good luck. plastic is such a curse isnt it? damn stuff...

katy- HNY 2 u 2! a bloggy wine night sounds like a great idea! and im all for blog accountability- its amazingly supportive in the down times, its been a frequent motivator to get off my arse over the last year.

kale - butter? huh? lol Happy New Year to you to in this 50th one! whoop!

pip- luckily my cholesterol is on the low side...