Friday, January 15

knock knock

who's there?

An ex husband who apparently had to move to QLD to get away from me but just cant resist searching for me on the internet. Go figure?

Im now saved to file://C:/Users/Vivi/Desktop/taurus rising.htm

He's had a good root around and spent hours visiting Chez Pan courtesy of Taurus Rising yesterday. Pity he had to traumatise B1 last night with a demanding phone call which reduced her to tears and great distress coz her mum blogs and he couldn't handle what he'd been reading.

The fun never stops!


greenfumb said...

Oh dear, I guess that's the downside of blogging - any ratbag can read it. No way of blocking him I suppose?

Kelly said...

greenfumb- i dont mind that he reads it - blogs are public - he might learn a thing or two-I just mind that he uses my stuff, my words against his own daughter. Pandoras Box me thinks...

Sarah said...

oh dear... sorry to hard basket for me. Just to say you have taught me a whole heap of things and I have put what I am learning into our home. BTW made your tortillas two nights ago and the family loved them. Yup will never buy a tortilla again. I cheated and let the bread maker do the mixing (my excuse was it was to hot to mix by hand....)

Anonymous said...

Hello again Kelly

It's ripper Tortilla's Margaret (we're having them again tonight as our younger son is visiting and he wants to try them.
Just been catching up on your past blogs and have been reading about Jaspers birth. Heart-grabbing. Looking at Jasper just after birth with his admiring sisters et al close by...........he's an old soul Kelly. No, I'm not psychic or anything like that, I happen to believe that you can see it in a baby's eyes, sometimes. I bet he's a knowing little fellow too! Oh golly I could wax on some more but my ramblings can be a tad boring!
Just know that people in blogland care about you, your husband and your wonderful family.
Now I'd better start ratting through the 'frig to see what we can put on our tortilla's tonight.

Margaret M

Julie said...

Ah geez, poor B1 :-( It's heart-crushing when kids are used like that, I can't imagine how I'd feel it were one of my girls... My sympathy.

Kelly said...

sarah- yes-big-tricky and yuk! wish he'd get that it doesn't hurt me but his behaviour just pushes her even further away. doh! its not rocket science. and the tortilla! ohh what a revelation huh?

margaret- welcome back tortilla queen! but my they are very very good, edible every day right? thank you for you kind supportive words. life is tricky sometimes but always managable.

julie- its just yuk. why cant they just leave me alone? now they both are at me! on her E: drive at work im so interesting...maybe i thanks. *waves*

Laura Jane said...

((((Hugs)))) to you and B1.

(shakes head in exasperation)

Olive said...

Good morning Kelly, This has nothing to do with your current posting but I dont know how else to contact you. Sorry

If you look on ebay there are several Time/Life recipe books offered for sale. Hope this is of some interest to you.

Cheers Joy

Karin said...

What! Geez. Shaking head. Hugs to you both there.