Wednesday, January 13

life is a whiteboard*

As a consequence of our very un-SLOW living, we now have a white board in the kitchen. It details for all 'n' sundry, who's doing what, when. No arguments "its on the whiteboard!" has been used to stop a brewing one in its tracks. FAST. One surreptitious glance will prove the point. We're juggling set building and painting for the local theatre production which starts this week, FoodConnect meetings to meet the March 4 launch date, sports club responsibilities, Murrundi Pangari Ringbalin Coroboree planning- (exciting, huge connective Ngarrindjeri-Murray river RiverCountry Spirit Ceremony - will post more about this later) meetings, Greens Meetings and election meetings. The kids are not getting much of a look in these school holidays.I m not sure if I hope Si does get into parliment in March...

*title intended to be sung in tune with 'life is a highway'


belinda said...


What can I say, with a life as busy as that you must be taking a deep breath before you surreptitiously glance at that there whiteboard.

Good Luck,

wombat064 said...

Good idea Kel,
a whitebourd to plug my memory holes.
Good Luck to Si

Anonymous said...

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