Thursday, April 23

ahhh chorizo

For this i do an extra half hour on my run. Its very very worth it, so bad its good. I cant even begin to think how to start calulting its caloric i dont. Clock it up to a 'naughty' meal for that week and eat healtier meals around it.

encouraged by annuskas introduction and fostered by the absence of the vego kids... we had this again. Its sooo good and perfect in this weather. I used completely loca ingredients except the paprika; flinders ranges wild boar, localfree range heritage pork chorizo, local organic pancetta, home made shiraz, tomatoes, bean and onions. Delish. I did as haalo suggested and made extra to freeze...but it didnt make the freezer; after a day picking figs with veggie at olive and popeyes we had the leftovers for dinner again.


Kerrie said...

Oh yum...I am going to have to cook this sometime soon.

Did you have it on it's own or serve a side dish to balance the richness..??

Veggie Gnome said...

Ohhh...yeah! Must make it soon. The cooler weather will be perfect for such a dish.

Wild boar? Any flavour difference from 'normal' organic pork?

Kel said...

kerrie- we just have it with a chunk of bread usually, anything more seems juut too much!

veggie- yeah, the wild boar has a richer more intense flavour, less porky...more meaty ..if thats possible...