Tuesday, April 7

Cant afford a Hybrid vehicle?

Its OK. There are more effective ways to make an investment in the future. Planet Green suggests that the best way reduce your carbon footprint NOW is to switch to Green Energy. A Hybrid like the Prius can save you 5000 pounds of Co2 annually, but switching to Green Power (electricity generated by wind, solar) you can save nearly 3 times as much; 14,000 pounds of Co2 at only around a 20% increase in your bill (about $150-200 a year). Too Easy. Aternatively if youve already switched to green power and are thinking about the car but just cant manage the budget, then switching to a vegetarian diet will cover your carbon costs of driving for a vego diet will save you just a little more than the car AND if you make that a local vego diet, well, fantastic coz you just more than doubled the Prius savings at 8000 loca pounds of Co2. Now thats good news!
Alternatively, we can catch the bus!

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