Thursday, April 23

deep purple people

walking down the air bridge to board my plane this morning i notice the tall thin guy ahead, decked out in black , long black (dyed?) hair and expensive black sunglasses. I whack him in the back with my overnighter when i pull up too close, too quickly. "opps, Sorry. "sure. Its ok" I notice an english accent. we wait. i turn around to deal with my momentary boredom. More guys in black pull up, swarms of tall black with motley accents. I notice long frizzed out hair, and lots more expensive sunglasses, all still on face. Definitely ageing rockers...flying cattle class?? Gotta be ex famous dudes i decide. The confidence despite the ageing bodies and burnt out hair and the look of rock n roll fame rules...not aussies i decide. We board the plane and im dying to know who these guys are. Then i spot HIM. The short guy...toned, a pout and matching flared nostrils (just a whiff of Jagger) tight jeans (black..of course) and tight eyes, definitely a nip and tuck and his whole character just oozes 'the one'. God he looks familiar.... Im surrounded by the black pod and i dont ask. Damn.

Im so curious, but now im a seat ahead and a few aside from the lot so now i cant ask. The elderly woman sitting beside me asks "do you think they are in a band?" "Dressed like that, definitely" i say. She asks me who they are. I dont know and Im about to add theyre a bit too old for me to recognise but stop short realising that i will have to raise my voice for her to hear my response. As they are all within earshot i decide that response is, well, not cool! When we land I politely refuse help from 'HIM', the one ,to retrieve my bag from the overhead and try and appear noncholant and detatched ...what was that all about? Im such an idiot. But, it was definitely an interesting flight home to take my mind of the 30,000 ft crisis i always battle, watching primed rockers eat their plasticwrapped sandwiches and going to the loo.
'parently was a black sabbath/deep purple dude with his posse...definitely not an Ozzy.


Veggie Gnome said...

You watched them go to the loo??!!

That must have been one hell of a boring flight! *giggle*

You might be lucky and they won't sue you for watching them eat plastic wrap. AND reporting about it.

Katrine said...
was this who it was?

Kel said...

veggie- well, i watched them go into the it technically doesnt count as really interesting

hehe. katrine, yup. you got it. it was the man hisself! i had to google him when i got home!

Kel said...

katrine. ps. how did you know???? arent you like Gen Z?

Katrine said...

because he's playing at HQ and i read rip-it-up occasionally :)
and gen Z's are 11 and under, i've got a whole 13 years up on them :)

Katrine said...

your new profile photo is great by the way

Kel said...

katrine- rip it up very useful for such matters and oops, x,y,z...get confused. of course you're not Gen Z! makes you a Y?
Thanks, the pic is one from paris sitting in small kitchenette of our apartment infront of a huge window indulging in my one and only paris pastry moment. can you believe we went all that way and only had ONE pastry! what was i thinking?