Saturday, April 11

garden somethings

Autumn is so beautiful but theres not alot happenning in the garden besides leaves turning and falling and the vege patches look a tad cold and lost.

The quinces are fruiting, so too are the apples, well apple in the singular actually. The golden delicious had a small hole in the net and the bloody parrots got the lot!. The orange, the lemon, the grapefruit, a mandarin and the pistachio and walnuts are a cropping too.

A few autumn bulbs save the garden from looking too forlorn and expiring. The bella donna lilies, the crocus and the...

well Im not sure what the red ones are, but they all make me happy when im out checking on the vegetables.

This little skink caught my eye at the base of the black bamboo as it was sitting in a natural spotlight. Theyre so lovely.

Ive still got loads of tomatoes ready to ripen, the rocket as always just does its thing (i can never work outwhy it so expensive to buy as its really just a weed - because they can), cabbages are up, the bush beans are charging ahead and flowering already and the purple magic beans are on their second wind!. The kale is getting tempting and potatoes, purple dragon carrots and bulls blood beets are hitting their stride. Its all going somewhere, theres just not much to eat!

This monkey is the second last in a chain from one of the chains from the front of the house. Its part of a rain chain of about 15 monkeys, a japanese answer to down pipes; we have none. They're a little more aesthetic dont you think?


Veggie Gnome said...

The red flowers are Ox Tongue Lillies. Soon you'll have leaves emerging. Then you'll know why they have that name.

Love the monkey!

Glad to hear the veggies are coming up and that your tomatoes are now doing their thing.

I love autumn! But then again, I love all seasons. :)

Great pictures!

Cathy said...

Hello Kel
I got told they are called Blood Lilies - but looking at the shape of the leaves I think they do look like Ox tongues don't they

Jen said...

I love the know, i never noticed them before...

Kel said...

hi veggie and cathy- thanks..ox tongues sounds familiar..simon is away so couldnt ask him!

jen- shame shame shame