Wednesday, April 22

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

so delicious, you forget to take a pic for the blog.

Now im not a huge fan of the strict recipe (yes it gets me into trouble when im baking cakey things) so here goes, an attempt at a recreation of a recipe. Looking back, this is pretty much what i think i did!. Try it. Be brave. Its fantastic

1 mushroom per person - hand sized portabello or field mushroom (remove stems to make underside surface flat)

2 tabs almond meal per mushroom (cut back to one if adding cheese for non vegan stuffing)
1 clove garlic per mushroom
1 tablespoon olive oil per mushroom
1 slice bread per mushroom
2 small handfulls basil/parsley/kale/chard/green stuff per mushroom
(for a non vegan stuffing 1 tab parmesan cheese per mushroom)
1 removed mushroom stem per mushroom

Whizz all in a food processor until it resembles crumbs
Drizzle mushrooms with extra olive oil
Place stuffing mix onto mushroom undersides to cover
Place mushroom rounded side down on oiled baking tray/dish
Bake about 40 min at 180



Rest is not idleness said...

Fromm your title I had visions of mushrooms stuffed with vegans, I have made a similar recipe but no almond meal or cheese, might try it your way.

Kel said...

pip- lol...i tried a vegan the fried bread herb thing right?