Thursday, April 16

Organic Urban Kitchen Gardens in Cuba

I got so freakin excited the other night watching 'the box' when i saw the tail end of a gardening program detailing urban agriculture in Cuba, it roots and development and its success. Its essentially a program about food production in 'peak oil' cuba and their organic gardening revoloution thats been quietly occouring for the last decade (well not so quietly to those interested in ecological farming). I had heard about this initiative of the government years ago had forgotten it and the thrill of seeing a visual foray in to the people and their gardens was fantastic.

Ive always loved the idea of Cuba, essentially as a representation of the 'anti-american' paradigm (an embodyment of anti-consumerism so please dont take offense), the last outpost of the resistors in the world (my radical self speaking) and the time warp it exists in. Despite many shortcomings, i respect what Cuba as a nation has achieved.

Organic kitchen gardening implemented by government decree.What an idea. What an amazing food revoloution. What a response to domestic food shortages created by economic embargo! radical.
The movement appears incredibly well supported by the government; organic gardening kiosks around the city where you can get advice, seeds and organic fertilisers. I found the Cuban part of the show on YouTube. Watch the video and be inspired. Very inspired.

Ive included a few links to one page editorials about the 'revoloution' but if youre interested in reading more, google 'cuba organic farming' and you'll find pages of interesting articles. Guaranteed to make you want to visit and get something akin to it happenning in your neighbourhood and push for change.


Veggie Gnome said...

Yes, loved the show! The Cuba segment was fantastic. Loved every second of it. What a simple, yet radical idea. We have such a long way to go in the so-called 'developed' countries.

Also loved the floating gardens in Mexico! :)

Stewart said...

We don't have to die to go to heaven.
It's here on earth:)

Kel said...

heaven, yes heaven!!! take me, take me *hand waving madly*
simplicity and common sense...