Saturday, April 18


The problem i find with an excess of 'orchard' fruits is that, not eaten fresh you are left with the choice of preserved, dried or stewed. Im not really a dried fruit muncher ( dried fruit is as bad for your teeth as chewing caramels, if not worse! due to concentrated fruit sugars and acid-sorry professional paradigm just too strong!) and i try and not eat baked sweets too often so a lot of apple cake and pudding and pies...bonk!

So we find ourself with kilos of apples and are getting a little sick of munching them, although these summer strawberries are incredibly tasty; sweet and very fragrant and full of floral, rose overtones! They are however not good keepers, wrinkling and getting rubbery quite early, despite being kept in the cellar. Its a pretty good end of crop picking for a backyard tree and not one of these lovelies has any evidence of any coddlers! Thats neglect (and possibly the parrots) for you! We have picked probably 40 kgs this season. See why were sick of them? Ive preserved (canned) and stewed and frozen kilos and kilos but im not making a dent! The oven gets fired up next weekend so i think im going to have to bite the bullet and do some drying.

So this afternoon its off to Veggie Gnomes then their neighbours, the neighbour gnomes, for some fig picking (veggies over figs)and an apple swap (and a wee bit o afternoon tea).


Anonymous said...

I'm so so jealous. Figs and apples are seriously my favourite fruits. I even paid $3 a fig a few times this season. Have fun picking figs.

Veggie Gnome said...

Apple cider (mix your sweeties with the crabs)
Cider vinegar
Apple butter

Let's hope there'll be lots of figs for you!

Rest is not idleness said...

I was going to say exactly the same as Veggie Gnome. You could make Apple Paste as well, sort of like Quince Paste.

Kel said...

littleecofootprints- thanks, we had a greta time. the fig tree was soo old and huge and very forthcoming with very big plump figs.

veggie- thanks you! figging away here...

Pip - yes. i think some vinegar woul dbe great! just used up my last litre pickling the figs!... I love past but how mauch can we eat?? this preserving game is not good for the waistline!